03/05/08 by Garvar at 8:38pm EST

Lord Awp says (8:33 PM):
lol@BRW code
Lord Awp says (8:34 PM):

Pete - It's the nexus of a crisis, and the origin of storms; just the place to hopelessly encounter time, and then came me... says (8:34 PM):
hahahaha yes

Lord Awp says (8:34 PM):
if (wolf->getLatest() < i)
Lord Awp says (8:35 PM):
I have no functions to do a barrel roll atm though

Pete - It's the nexus of a crisis, and the origin of storms; just the place to hopelessly encounter time, and then came me... says (8:35 PM):
trust -> instincts

Lord Awp says (8:35 PM):
it'd probably be peppy->trustInstincts();
Lord Awp says (8:36 PM):
that way I could also have another method in that class

Pete - It's the nexus of a crisis, and the origin of storms; just the place to hopelessly encounter time, and then came me... says (8:37 PM):

Lord Awp says (8:37 PM):
I should write them to be more canonical though

Pete - It's the nexus of a crisis, and the origin of storms; just the place to hopelessly encounter time, and then came me... says (8:37 PM):

Lord Awp says (8:37 PM):
Can't exactly run a find and replace all for postTop to "seeYouFail" though because the method is being called from a lot of files
Lord Awp says (8:38 PM):
oh well say cheese

He didn't say cheese quite nearly fast enough.

03/02/08 by Garvar at 11:34pm EST

You know, I just realised, the comics are still saying copyright TF07. I should fix that in the source files before next week. To hell with updating the current status of season two with it, though. That'll be our little secret.

03/02/08 by Garvar at 11:28pm EST

Aw, shit.

I was so looking forward to setting aside a couple hours to write tonight in hopes of breaking ninty thousand words on the current project, but I got side tracked earlier and then it dawned on me that I was due for another update. So, that update I shall deliver.

On a side note, I may have found a technique to speed up the comic-making process, so hooray for that. All that's left is to find a way to generate good ideas faster and I'm all set.

03/01/08 by Garvar at 12:55am EST

Alright, the comic's up. My eyes and back are sore, but it's up.

I have a slight fear that those who are unfamiliar with Starfox64 may not entirely know what is going on in this comic.

I have a much larger fear that this could even be a concern, as if there are people who read a comic about Starfox64 without knowing what Starfox64 is.

Well, it looks like the war I thought was over isn't going to end until it ends by my hands. Next weekend's going to be unpredictable, so I'm going to try to get stuff done ahead of time, rather than at the last minute.

02/29/08 by Garvar at 11:50pm EST

For the record, I do plan on having a comic up before I sleep tonight. I just got side-tracked, so it might be another hour before it's up.

02/24/08 by Garvar at 11:35pm EST

Huh? What?

Starfox64 promotes drug use? Oh, my!

So it seems I was successful in remembering to show some activity today for our double-feature. It was a close call - I spent maybe four hours writing last night and broke the 80,000 word mark on my current project, and today I got pretty caught up storyboarding in Osu!, so...time feels pretty short these days. Oh well, we're in pretty good shape, yes?

Oh, also, host is renewed. No down-time expected in a few weeks (when I'm too busy playing Brawl to work on this site).

02/22/08 by Garvar at 10:53pm EST

Good news, everyone!

You're all going to

Woops, I forgot to close my Farnsworth tag back there. New BRW comic is up, meaning if I remember to update on Sunday, this'll be the first double-feature weekend of Season Two. How wonderful.

I'm rather pleased with the way things are moving along right now - apart from my inevitable death in CIS*2750, but the inevitable is inevitable, and I'm not going to waste my strength caring about superfluous details like my academic career.

02/17/08 by Garvar at 8:33pm EST

It's a shame I wasn't able to get this new comic out until now - I was planning to have it for Friday so that tonight I could close up this sort of two-parter comic, alas, strange happenings.

On the plus side, I finally got to try out Rock Band at my brother's place on Friday. A quick recap of my opinion on it: The element of variety between Guitar, Drums, and Vocals is a really nice element absent from Rock Band's arguable parent, Guitar Hero. Many gameplay elements and UI additions improved gameplay, such as tapping, freestyling, and formally identifying guitar solos and performance appraisals on said Guitar Solos.

The downsides to it are that the pill-shaped hit markers don't work as well as Guitar Hero's circular button-shaped hit markers, and the hammer-on/pull-off indicators are harder to identify as a result. But that's tolerable and would easily come naturally with a bit of getting used to.

My biggest beef with Rock Band is the abysmal track list. It's quite expansive and offers what people who aren't very musically-inclined would call "excellent variety", but the 78 tracks I had access to on Rock Band proved to be even shittier than Guitar Hero 3's track list. Both GH3 and Rock Band have their own fair share of real winners, but the number evident in Rock Band doesn't even approach the double-digit marker. I was delighted to find something in there by Faith No More, and they picked a good Iron Maiden song, but the abundance of Black Sabbath tracks (read: four) could have been better selected, and if you're going to do Metallica, do pre-sellout Metallica please. You know, back when Metallica sounded like Metallica. That shit was awesome. I did enjoy St. Anger but it certainly wasn't Metallica.

Putting the pathetically small selection of familiar tracks aside, I recall more than half of the songs creating this atmosphere of "I'm playing a videogame" rather than the intended "I'm performing a song in my imaginary virtual band" which is something of an appealing concept. If I was going to name my game "Rock Band", I probably would've put more effort into creating the feeling of rocking and not pop-rocking a la so-called "alternative" music.

Excellent idea, executed rather poorly.

But again, the game is called "Rock Band" - I wouldn't expect it to focus on metal. It should be filled with pop-rock to appeal to the generic tastes of the masses, which extend far beyond the demograph of people who take music seriously.

Guitar Hero, on the other hand - what the fuck is your excuse? Now, GH has quite a bit more metal in it than Rock Band does, but I don't think the Metal to Total Songs ratio even approaches 20%. Metal is all about the riffs. It's about making the guitar kick ass. It's a shame Guitar Hero went the way of mainstream music and abandoned this principle in favour of the pop-incentive "music for the money".

It's a good thing for free-distribution PC ports and PS2>USB adapters, though I haven't taken a look at Frets on Fire in ages. Back in the day, their songs had no standards and the community was an indifferentiated mix of people who knew what the fuck they were doing, and people who did not.

It's nice to know that some people have standards and a system that allow you to filter out shitty work.

02/15/08 by Garvar at 9:47am EST

Update on things:

I'm going to be in Mississauga tonight, apparently, and then for half of tomorrow I'll be in Guelph. So, just one comic (and a hell of a lot of homework) this weekend because I tend to do things last-minute. CIS*2750 is proving to be a colossal pain in the ass, as expected.

02/15/08 by Garvar at 8:51am EST


So once again I have no idea what the fuck is going to happen to me tonight and/or tomorrow. Ergo, if I'm home, comix, if not, tough luck for a double-feature this week. I'm the only one in my family without a car, and I think this is a consideration often left untouched when the rest of my family plans something.

Also, I've been sinking a lot of my spare nonconstructive time into Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and I'd just like to say, the difficulty curve of Etna Mode is unreasonably tiring. And by difficulty curve, I mean time-spent-grinding-before-you-can-clear-the-next-stage curve. It really is unreasonable. I thought killing someone with 4000 HP was enough of a chore, and on the next map you've got someone with ~12,000 HP. It's not just the lack of Laharl that makes it so; the monsters really do grow too quickly. I suppose it's a tactic NIS thought necessary to extend the life of an otherwise really short "game". Adding Etna mode into the PSP port of HoD was quite a pleasant thing to do, but would 13 episodes really have killed you? Or even half of that?

I'm not saying it isn't worth it though. Etna mode has one redeeming feature that, as far as I'm concerned, puts all of its shortcomings to rest: with the exception of the final chapter, it is absolutely hilarious. We're talking double the lolfactor of its parent game, Hour of Darkness. And that was already hugely entertaining.

Unfortunately I feel compelled to put another hundred or so hours into the HoD port in order to face off against Adell as well as other extra little goodies. Damn you, NIS. I'm also tempted to look into Soul Nomad, but with having only so much as a five second cameo from Laharl, I don't want to get my hopes up that the experience will be quite as enjoyable.

Plus, it's almost a certainty that I'll miss that laugh of his.

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