02/14/08 by Garvar at 12:13pm EST


I am kicking myself for not bringing my digital camera to work today, because the lunch special today is so amazing it deserves to be photographed and mounted like the work of art that it is. Never in all my life have I been made known such a good application of the pig species. This pork roast sandwich is so good I have suspicions that this isn't even pork at all, and that perhaps the lunch lady discovered a new species alien to our world, slaughtered it, and cooked it to perfection.

It's also about a pound and a half so I haven't yet found the storage space to finish devouring it. I'm still waiting for all the Dr. Pepper-related gas to escape my body and make room for what's left.

Speaking of Dr. P, today's that special once-a-year day: Dr. P day! It is a day where we all congratulate Dr. P on his remarkable performance for being born like 21 years ago. Congrats, dood, you can now legally get drunk on half a beer in the States, too! Though, with American beer, you can probably down 3 of them.

So, I've been giving some thought into boosting BRW's schedule to add Friday updates (you know, in order to get through), and I'm going to shoot for it tomorrow. Until yesterday I wasn't even sure if I'd make a single update this week, but I've received news that the Roflhouse in Guelph is going to be all but empty, so I really have no reason to spend the weekend away from my computer (after all, I also have a compiler/IDE to write in a single weekend).

And having to write coding homework means I'll be in desperate need of an outlet. BRW happens to be one such outlet.

Fingers crossed!

02/10/08 by Garvar at 10:53pm EST

Whew. Busy weekend.

Over the last week or so I've had my nose to the grindstone finishing off the next installment of Project Codename: Playing in Garbege, a flash-made cartoon series based on a forum on the internet. Which means, most of the humour and significance will be beyond those who are not on the inside of it. The latest episode, however, has shifted away from specific niche, inside jokes, and has a bit of a wider array of humour. The animation quality for several scenes was absolutely painful to do, but I think the result was pretty high-quality, and I doubt I'll ever surpass that level of effort in the future. With the completion of Route 04 the series is nearly an hour in playlength; the magnitude of which I never thought myself capable of achieving. It's a flash cartoon that's a fucking hour long. And it's not even halfway done. Jeez leweeze, what is that?

Today I spent the majority of the day fixing broken software that I made, and tonight saw the birth of another comic. Guess which quotations were taken directly from the game.

02/04/08 by Garvar at 4:47pm EST

My job description seems to involve less software engineering and more Oracle RMAN grappling these days.

Oracle seems to be a pretty successful enterprise-level piece of work, so it must work for a great number of individuals out there, but I can't for the life of me get it to co-operate. I've certainly grown with it, I've gotten used to it, I've eliminated a plethora of unexpected errors (a great portion of which were caused by ignorance, as is with most situations) but they're always replaced with more.

In the terribly unlikely event that one of my readers is a DBA, why the hell is RMAN fabricating archivelog sequences to be executed by the recover database command? Seriously, I understand the purpose of archivelogs, and they're great and all, but when I create a backup comprised of n sequences, I would expect n sequence requests to be recorded in the catalog, and yet it seems to constantly be searching for that enigmatic n+1'th archivelog. It doesn't exist, just so you know. If I perform a backup/update I can create that fabled archivelog, but then we're just looking for the next one.

"recover database until" is a no-go, either. None of the modifiers work, and it just boggles my mind. Oh well...time to hit the gym. Oracle has provided me with enough rage to get almost a half hour's worth of exercise.

02/03/08 by Garvar at 8:06pm EST

New comic's up.

Well, this weekend was productive to say the least, however, little if any of that productivity revolved around my 2750 assignment. Though my forays into Java have been brief, at least they have shown results, so it's not all bad.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. Animating Garbege that is, not doing my homework. Garbege will see completion before that abomination of an IDE compiler I have to produce does.

02/02/08 by Garvar at 1:30am EST


I wanted to post at work earlier today (well, yesterday according to the clock) about how much Oracle Database, related documentation, and RMAN were pissing me off but I didn't have the appropriate avatar to go with it and dared not risk opening Paint on the job again. But now I've got one. It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped but it does the job, yes?

It's 1:30 in the morning and I just want to go to bed (and play Disgaea). I have no idea how peppy (read: not Hare) does this kind of thing; I'm not going to be productive at all hours of the night. To hell with that.


To Veldime with that. To Veldime with aggression and a subpoena. Sounds like a plan.

By the way, I've been giving some consideration towards upping the BRW release schedule. Like I said, more traffic generates more interest, which generates more of a sense of accomplishment and purpose, which leads to a greater level of motivation, which leads to a stronger desire to further fuel the cycle. Definitely await a new comic this weekend, and possibly again later on.

I think I'll adopt a Sunday-Friday schedule so that I can pen down "Updates SF" for the delicious play on words. Acronyms. Whatever.

01/31/08 by Garvar at 4:51pm EST

Hmm. It looks like the error 404 page is a lot more popular than I thought it would be.

What the fuck are you people trying to do to my website?

01/31/08 by Garvar at 4:39EST

Drawing (see above avatar image) at work. An event that merits my absolute and complete paranoia throughout its duration, as it is one of the few tasks I can perform in a business environment that I have absolutely no excuse for performing.

While making blog posts to this page is another illegitimate use of my time, it provides two comforts. One, there's PHP code strewn everywhere, so it actually looks somewhat related to something a software engineer might do (bonus points for my current project being one of scripting). Two, unlike drawing, reading posts I've made at work has actually jarred my memory back on track in the past, so those begrudged Monday mornings lacked the element of uncertainty toward what I was doing before the glory of the weekend cascaded over me.

Whew. So, the most recent topic of the internet appears to be none other than Brawl. Surprise, surprise. It's fantastic, we all know it, we all expected it. However - and this is something that actually came as a bit of a surprise to me - do we really need three Fox McClouds in the character roster?

For those of you looking to avoid reading any Brawl spoilers (you're already in bad shape by accessing the internet I might add) I'll spare you from the details, but this seems a bit excessive. Melee had its fair share of clones (Dr. Mario vs Mario, Marth vs Roy, Falco vs Fox, Dorf vs CFalcon) but to have a three-way Fox McCloudfest seems to exaggerate the point a little.

Maybe Starfox is making a comeback. Maybe I should jump on the Starfox bandwagon before it takes off!

01/30/08 by Garvar at 2:37pm EST

New 404 page up. As if I needed to announce that.

Uh...okay, in other news Playing in Garbege, the self-proclaimed official cartoon series of h4xopolis.net, is back under regular production, and since I left it at around 67% completion last time, it's almost done. And by almost done, I mean within two weeks. Hooray for that.

01/30/08 by Garvar at 12:42pm EST

Wow, I have this horrible problem when I'm listening to Ziltoid The Omniscient at work that causes me to not work. Go figure.

And all that I ask is that we are not,
we are not to blame.

01/28/08 by Garvar at 9:03am EST

Nnn...It's too friggin' early.

I forgot to last night, but I just wanted to say howdy to all the folks migrating here from osu!. Enjoy the visit and stick around for weekly updates - things are about to get interesting.

Hmm! As if they haven't already.

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