01/27/08 by Garvar at 9:54pm EST


New comic is up, so have a look and enjoy it. Turned out better than I expected, but what I'm really looking forward to is the next few.

Anyhow, on another note, I spent the entirety of my day (read: six hours) playing Disgaea 2. So, what else is new...

01/25/08 by Garvar at 7:49pm EST

Lots of posts today. Well, here's something different, so I thought I'd present it.

I've never been a fan of pixel art (drawing it - if someone else does a good job of it I can certainly appreciate it) but overall it didn't turn out too badly if you ask me.

A pseudo-representation of me, abstracted and stylized disproportionately as one can expect from the medium of the internet. Anyhow, I'm off for the night.

01/25/08 by Garvar at 4:40pm EST

Ignore this post. I can't accomplish anything at work until Monday morning and I'm stuck here for another half hour so I'm killing time by testing stuff.

Well, good job - as far as ignoring this post goes, you certainly came up short.

01/25/08 by Garvar at 3:33pm EST

At work.

Nothing to do.

Disgaea is fantastic.

That is all.

01/23/08 by Garvar at 8:58pm EST

Optimized the code a bit more. I actually briefly broke the comic page but was able to revert using the backup and figured out what the discrepency was. All is well.

01/22/08 by Garvar at 12:51pm EST


After my last post I noticed I was really in need of some dire right-margin padding, so I fixed something with the news posts that's been bugging me for a while. The fix hasn't been applied everywhere yet though because...

My code is in need of another optimization. Hooray! I'll address it later tonight, and I promise I won't break anything. I gotta scoot off to a meeting now, however.

01/22/08 by Garvar at 12:37pm EST

I don't know why I haven't until now, but I've written up an "overview" of what Barrel Roll Weekly is about for those who are (unfortunately) unfamiliar with it. You can find it over at the Comic Index.

In other news, I'm staying relatively on top of things right now. Unfortunately an unnecessary amount of my time has been spent on my new PSP - not playing it, I might add, but rather gathering resources for it. I managed to pick up a battery and memory stick for it yesterday, so I was finally able to save my file in Me and My Katamari (and just let Us say, We quite enjoy it~) and turn my PSP off.

Pleased with this, I thought I'd slop some files onto the memory stick that I'd like to enjoy on a portable medium - but lo and behold, as one last shot to the gut, Sony's proprietary format strikes again, as I have no present means of sticking the memory stick into the PC. Fortunately, my memory stick came with an adapter. Unfortunately, it converts Memory Stick Pro Duo to Memory Stick Pro - out of the frying pan, and into the fire, as they say.

So now I have to go search for more vespene gas, so to speak.

01/20/08 by Garvar at 7:28pm EST

Apparently I forgot to mention last night when I posted the comic that I posted the comic. Sorry 'bout that.

Also, I finally bought a PSP today (thanks to Squenix for KH, NIS for Disgaea, and Studio Pixel for Cave Story) and picked up Me and My Katamari. The game is exactly as you'd expect it, but to my dismay, the PSP has no internal memory, and the shop was sold out of memory sticks, so I can't save my game, which means the PSP is going to spend the next little while in sleep mode. You just couldn't spare a meg of internal storage, could you Sony? Ah, whatever.

01/19/08 by Garvar at 10:37pm EST

Expect a comic this weekend.

I seem to be handling my PDE course pretty well (half a state and a destroy function left, wheee~) which means yay. I don't know if I'll have a comic up tonight (since I haven't DONE one yet and well it's getting kind of late, and I'd like to do some novel writing if I have the time) but by tomorrow night we will continue on our merry way.

01/17/08 by Garvar at 8:29pm EST

Tonight, before I put my nose to the grindstone, I'd like to address something that might cause people to shiver.

In Flames' new album, as depicted here:

Tadaaaaa. Sange just brought this across my plate and I thought I'd address it. Following is the track listing:

1. The Mirror�s Truth
2. Disconnected
3. Sleepless Again
4. Alias
5. I�m the Highway
6. Delight and Angers
7. Move Through Me
8. The Chosen Pessimist
9. Sober and Irrelevant
10. Condemned
11. Drenched in Fear
12. March to the Shore

Hold your fire, folks. Before we all scream in unison, "This is a sure sign as any that In Flames officially sucks balls", hear me out. Yes, the cover art is indisputably gay. And not MANOWAR, gay. Just...extremely lame, gay. And, apart from the last track title (which sounds like it could be an Amon Amarth song), the track list also sounds collectively pathetic.

But! But, I say! I like to look at the glass from both angles. Pessimistically, it seems like this is confirmation that In Flames has decided to completely give up metal and just sell out, St. Anger style. Come Clarity was a step in the right direction - albeit a baby step - from STtYE, though perhaps it was in preparation of a stumble-to-face-plant.

Optimistically speaking, I have two theories as to why this could be a great album.

Theory One: The album apparently drops on April Fools Day. Maybe this is just a very elaborate prank, and the album art, title, and track list are all fabrications and the actual album is something completely different. Something not gay. Something metal.

Theory Two: The album cover is officially gay, and the track listing is officially gay, but the music turns out to be awesome, catching everyone off guard, as a device to push the old saying, "don't judge a book by its cover". No doubt everyone who used to be fans of In Flames deciding to listen to this album will be doing so with the presumption in hand that it'll be gay. I know that's the position I'll be in. But, this is as good a method as any for spreading the important message that we, as human beings and as a society, are very judgmental.

I know my optimism is half-hearted and folley by nature, but...you never know.

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