01/31/08 by Garvar at 4:39EST

Drawing (see above avatar image) at work. An event that merits my absolute and complete paranoia throughout its duration, as it is one of the few tasks I can perform in a business environment that I have absolutely no excuse for performing.

While making blog posts to this page is another illegitimate use of my time, it provides two comforts. One, there's PHP code strewn everywhere, so it actually looks somewhat related to something a software engineer might do (bonus points for my current project being one of scripting). Two, unlike drawing, reading posts I've made at work has actually jarred my memory back on track in the past, so those begrudged Monday mornings lacked the element of uncertainty toward what I was doing before the glory of the weekend cascaded over me.

Whew. So, the most recent topic of the internet appears to be none other than Brawl. Surprise, surprise. It's fantastic, we all know it, we all expected it. However - and this is something that actually came as a bit of a surprise to me - do we really need three Fox McClouds in the character roster?

For those of you looking to avoid reading any Brawl spoilers (you're already in bad shape by accessing the internet I might add) I'll spare you from the details, but this seems a bit excessive. Melee had its fair share of clones (Dr. Mario vs Mario, Marth vs Roy, Falco vs Fox, Dorf vs CFalcon) but to have a three-way Fox McCloudfest seems to exaggerate the point a little.

Maybe Starfox is making a comeback. Maybe I should jump on the Starfox bandwagon before it takes off!

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