02/04/08 by Garvar at 4:47pm EST

My job description seems to involve less software engineering and more Oracle RMAN grappling these days.

Oracle seems to be a pretty successful enterprise-level piece of work, so it must work for a great number of individuals out there, but I can't for the life of me get it to co-operate. I've certainly grown with it, I've gotten used to it, I've eliminated a plethora of unexpected errors (a great portion of which were caused by ignorance, as is with most situations) but they're always replaced with more.

In the terribly unlikely event that one of my readers is a DBA, why the hell is RMAN fabricating archivelog sequences to be executed by the recover database command? Seriously, I understand the purpose of archivelogs, and they're great and all, but when I create a backup comprised of n sequences, I would expect n sequence requests to be recorded in the catalog, and yet it seems to constantly be searching for that enigmatic n+1'th archivelog. It doesn't exist, just so you know. If I perform a backup/update I can create that fabled archivelog, but then we're just looking for the next one.

"recover database until" is a no-go, either. None of the modifiers work, and it just boggles my mind. Oh well...time to hit the gym. Oracle has provided me with enough rage to get almost a half hour's worth of exercise.

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