02/14/08 by Garvar at 12:13pm EST


I am kicking myself for not bringing my digital camera to work today, because the lunch special today is so amazing it deserves to be photographed and mounted like the work of art that it is. Never in all my life have I been made known such a good application of the pig species. This pork roast sandwich is so good I have suspicions that this isn't even pork at all, and that perhaps the lunch lady discovered a new species alien to our world, slaughtered it, and cooked it to perfection.

It's also about a pound and a half so I haven't yet found the storage space to finish devouring it. I'm still waiting for all the Dr. Pepper-related gas to escape my body and make room for what's left.

Speaking of Dr. P, today's that special once-a-year day: Dr. P day! It is a day where we all congratulate Dr. P on his remarkable performance for being born like 21 years ago. Congrats, dood, you can now legally get drunk on half a beer in the States, too! Though, with American beer, you can probably down 3 of them.

So, I've been giving some thought into boosting BRW's schedule to add Friday updates (you know, in order to get through), and I'm going to shoot for it tomorrow. Until yesterday I wasn't even sure if I'd make a single update this week, but I've received news that the Roflhouse in Guelph is going to be all but empty, so I really have no reason to spend the weekend away from my computer (after all, I also have a compiler/IDE to write in a single weekend).

And having to write coding homework means I'll be in desperate need of an outlet. BRW happens to be one such outlet.

Fingers crossed!

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