07/30/07 by Garvar at 12:40pm EST

Well. Given that the BRW website will be "officially" launching in approximately a month (granted, it's been 'leaked' to a number of individuals already) I decided in a spell of boredom to finally upload the damn navbar code. I never got around to learning headers for the navbar, so it's copypasta'd on each page, but thanks to the magic of PHP the entire site has been condensed into six webpage documents, so there's not a whole lot of copypasta to be done, should the need arise in the future.

I just need to figure my way around a news archiving system. I've got something in mind, and it looks like copypasta will get a cameo when I decide to implement it.

There's a really lazy workaround for it, but...nah. It's not that much work.

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