04/07/08 by Garvar at 9:27am EST

wtf y no comix ???

My internet decided to crap out and stop resolving IP addresses at around 11 last night, which is generally around the time I upload the day's comic. It'll be up later today, assuming my disk defragmenter (which hasn't been run in perhaps two years) takes less than 16 hours to complete.

I've been planning to reformat my entire PC and load a new OS onto it, so in the past two days I've been doing some long-neglected house-cleaning around the hdd, purging over 50 gigs of garbage. Things don't feel so crowded any more...it's kind of refreshing. If my cleaning of the harddrive magically cures whatever STDs (note: not viruses) my machine has contracted, might not need to reformat at all. Kind of reluctant to back up 28 gigs of musix - all (read: some of it) legal, I assure you - and figure out how to re-install my copy of Photoshop CS.

I'm just too damned lazy for this sort of thing. Especially when I could be spending this time playing God of War or something. Best purchase while idling for a hair appointment next door I've ever made. In all honesty, 20 dollars was easier than finding a working torrent, downloading a file, extracting an iso, burning an image, and swap-magic'ing per each play.

I mean, 20 bucks takes me like an hour to earn.

Speaking of earning...back to work~

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