05/13/08 by Garvar at 9:22am EST


Posting at work~ I joined the dark side of the force at work a couple weeks ago (to the layman, I transferred from Development to QA) but I suspect as of yet they're not exactly ready for me, as there's no imperative work for me to do, but at the same time I don't need to do any core training because I've done that already. So most of my time is being spent reading/poking code, running tests, and reading up on OpenGL. Ho hum.

Weekend was pretty eventful, as I'd mentioned earlier. Went to my brother's house, where he promptly left me to my own devices while he went to a party somewhere. That's fine.

He took the 360 with him.

But that's still fine - there was a treasure trove of Dreamcast games waiting for me to sink my teeth into, including the infamous Typing of the Dead. I do believe it is the cheesiest game on Earth, and little did I know, the copy of House of the Dead 2 + 3 that I picked up earlier that day contained the exact same game, save for SHOOTING zombies instead of TYPING THEM TO DEATH. So that's hilarious. Got to take a peak at Jet Grind Radio (Shibuya represent) as well as another infamous title, Tokyo Bus Guide. Decided to give No More Heroes for the Wii a spin to see if I liked it. I'm not sure how repetitive the gameplay will feel over time, but it's certainly fun enough, the story and direction feel really well done, and after I adapted to the utter pixellated feel to the graphics I got into the visuals a bit. I would have preferred a more refined Wind Waker approach, but whatever.

So three or four hours or however much time I was left alone to my brother's games later, I conked out, woke up in the morning, went to the 'rents house, shenanigans ensued. Went to a comedy club for my birthday, which I quite enjoyed, then went drinkin' with a few of the ol' gang. While there was no CON, still plenty of fun to be had. Golfed the next day with awpmom before heading back to Burlington, and it wasn't until this morning that I realised I had forgotten to get me some RAM. Bugger.

Maybe I can talk my brother into it somehow.

At any rate, I think I'm good to go with BRW for a little while, and having this Friday off means hopefully I'll be able to get two comics in. Gotta reformat my computer hardcore though, so I'll do that this weekend if I get the chance. Thing is, I don't know if I'll be out of commission (I love my Photoshop =\) and if I am, not sure how long for. Hoping it won't impact the site at all...though, much to my dismay, I'm going to have to actually just buy WinXP Pro, since I have no idea where my XP disc is.

Sorry Ubuntu, but you're on the sidelines for this one.

Oh, did I mention? I love working Flex hours. I was playing The World Ends Wtih You - still - this morning, and decided, rather than leave for work, I'll clear a few more areas in TWEWY first, so I did. I'll probably be stuck here for an extra 20 minutes or so, but it was worth it. TWEWY is just so good.

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