05/18/08 by Garvar at 10:27pm EST

Hello internet.

So on Friday I finally did the final rounds of preparation legwork necessary to format my computer. On Saturday, I decided to give my computer a completely fresh start - this was after, of course, the Windows installer decided to corrupt the partition it was going to install to, so it was Ubuntu installer to the rescue to format my harddrive. That was fortunately successful.

Downside is, Windows XP Pro SP2 is too stupid to recognize my harddrive, because blah blah SATA blah blah RAID drivers blah blah. I am currently without Windows until I either: A - buy something or other, or B - get myself the necessary drivers on a floppy and attempt to get windows to detect the harddrive that Ubuntu quite happily works on.

So, having ndiswrapper already configured on it, awptop (my ghetto circa 99 laptop) has been getting lots of attention, and lately I've been amazed at how co-operative it's been. I decided to attempt to set my mp3 player up (Zen V Plus) to work under this strange foreign distro...plugging it in naturally did shit-all as expected, so I ran a google query, and two minutes later, typed in a few sudo commands and bam, device was recognized and battery was charging. Did some wrong stuff for about ten minutes then ran another google query to get it to communicate with a media manager so I could put files on and off it, and three MORE minutes later, it was 100% set up. So after my frustrations yesterday, I'm happy that today's been more successful.

Got mono + IDE running, too. monodevelop might very well be the first IDE I've ever actually enjoyed using. It's just...so straightforward.

Brother bought me this movie called "Ricky-Oh" for my birthday the other week, and I watched it on Friday. Have to admit - it was very entertaining. Recommended for fans of Kung-pow. Not quite the same kind of humour, but it's even more over-the-top than Kung Pow was. Awesome movie.

Speaking of awesome, still playing The World Ends With You. 60 hours and counting; that game is still the best handheld game I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. At a friend's recommendation I've given Crisis Core a bit more effort - on Hard, of course, because Normal is so fucking easy it's just not worth playing - and, despite some of the "Very Hard" missions, I'm no longer getting irrevocably raped in battle. Sure, a handful of the missions contain enemies that kill me in one hit, but the storyline battles allow me to survive up to five consecutive attacks, so that's fantastic. I can live with that.

Now, I just hope it doesn't get any worse.

Also, I don't know if you've pieced this together or not, but no windows == no comic. This should be fixed before next week, though.

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