05/11/08 by Garvar at 10:16pm EST

Tonight's comic will come tomorrow. Spent the weekend in the Realgrounds (IRL to you commoners), I managed to go the weekend without touching a bed, and when I got back to Burly I took a nap, waking up four hours later wondering what the fuck I was doing there.

05/04/08 by Garvar at 11:32pm EST

Why hello there and good evening, residents of May.

Yup. I missed out on Friday. But, I've been busy. A certain someone's had my nose to the grindstone in drawing the entire EBA cast (read: EBAs, none of the people in help) and animating the agents for use in a very true-styled Taiko No Tatsujin osu! beatmap. I've also been doing other things, both related and unrelated to this little project, including the completion of round 1 of editing Crystal Road, so that's out and about, and anyone who wants to read it/edit it, just contact me. I accept IMs, IRCs, emails, and pigeon carriers. No phone or paper mail, thanks.

Oh, right. You wanted to see this, too.

04/27/08 by Garvar at 8:50pm EST

Oh, fun and joy.

I had a reasonable-ish amount of time to get Friday's comic done, however, the ISP cut the house off completely. Didn't get internet access back until today around 2. Beyond that, I've been in a drought for ideas lately, and it's taken me a while to come up with something. Granted, I thought it turned out pretty good. I'd just rather not be forcing garbage out instead of nothing.

Finally got my hands on Crisis Core yesterday before getting lost on the far reaches of town. I've played it a bit, haven't really gotten into it, but I highly suspect it won't be able to fully live up to my expectations, which are currently: The World Ends With You. I also bought TWEWY yesterday, in spite of the fact that I already have it. I'm just throwing thank-you dollars at Squenix + Jupiter at this point.

Anyhow, I'm not really in the mood to elaborate right now. House is shaking.

04/25/08 by Garvar at 1:51pm EST

Gonna be a busy night. Not sure if the comic's going to be on time or not. Just a heads up in that respect.

I'm also hoping that, in 30 hours from now, my preliminary novel editing will be done and it will be in a readable state. If anyone's interested in reading the first volume (it is a fantasy novel) then feel free to fire off an email in my direction. Or, for the lucky ones, MSN me. Either way. Don't really care.

And for those keeping tabs, I mentioned last week of my fascination over a DS game called The World Ends With You...Not only is this fascination still ever-present, it has actually become stronger. Much stronger. I have not played a game this good in a long time.

You're actually hurting yourself if you don't buy it.

04/20/08 by Garvar at 11:32pm EST

More fun with your favourite crew tonight. I'm keeping this short, because I really want to get back into The World Ends With You, one of the best games I've ever witnessed on the DS, as well as the best thing to come out of Squenix in a while (barring Crisis Core; haven't played that yet.)

Blah blah blah busy weekend got nearly half of "volume 1" of my book edited, work tomorrow is blah, complain and so forth.

04/18/08 by Garvar at 11:48pm EST

Made it on time.

Now, before we fly off the handle, I think this comic expresses (some of you might prefer the term 'exaggerates') a very important issue in Starfox64. I don't know why it's in there, and it seems kind of like the sort of thing the game (and associated staff) would be flagged for, but whatever. I found it funny.

See if you can figure out what I'm trying to get at, here.

04/13/08 by Garvar at 11:03pm EST

Oh! A timely update. How nice! Recycling old jokes? Nonsense!

Got a lot done this weekend I guess, in spite of the several hours I've wasted playing Brawl or God of War or Taiko no Tatsujin. Finally got "volume 1" (ie the first part) of my novel written and now I have a healthy 108,000 words to edit. Going to hopefully get started on that now.

04/12/08 by Garvar at 1:40am EST

Don't worry, I'm not dead or anything. I've just kept myself adequately busy. More on that later, but for now I'd like to head off to bed and fire up the laptop for a bit of writing.

Today's comic turned out, I guess you could say, better than I had planned. There were two ideas I was playing with, and rather than split them apart and drag the comic out as an excuse for my tardiness, I decided to integrate them both into one super-comic.

In addition to that, I'd also like to see the comic grow up a bit, and move away from simply using vulgar humour and picking on the many logical flaws littered throughout the universe that is Starfox64 to show some more, I guess...what do you call it...? Wit. Cleverness. Yes, we need to get some wit and some clever. And you shall witness the cleverness. Like you did just now.

I'll stop.

04/07/08 by Garvar at 6:32pm EST

Everybody's happy now.


04/07/08 by Garvar at 9:27am EST

wtf y no comix ???

My internet decided to crap out and stop resolving IP addresses at around 11 last night, which is generally around the time I upload the day's comic. It'll be up later today, assuming my disk defragmenter (which hasn't been run in perhaps two years) takes less than 16 hours to complete.

I've been planning to reformat my entire PC and load a new OS onto it, so in the past two days I've been doing some long-neglected house-cleaning around the hdd, purging over 50 gigs of garbage. Things don't feel so crowded any more...it's kind of refreshing. If my cleaning of the harddrive magically cures whatever STDs (note: not viruses) my machine has contracted, might not need to reformat at all. Kind of reluctant to back up 28 gigs of musix - all (read: some of it) legal, I assure you - and figure out how to re-install my copy of Photoshop CS.

I'm just too damned lazy for this sort of thing. Especially when I could be spending this time playing God of War or something. Best purchase while idling for a hair appointment next door I've ever made. In all honesty, 20 dollars was easier than finding a working torrent, downloading a file, extracting an iso, burning an image, and swap-magic'ing per each play.

I mean, 20 bucks takes me like an hour to earn.

Speaking of earning...back to work~

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