05/22/08 by Garvar at 3:16pm EST

Windows is back (at least temporarily), Photoshop is back, and Starfox is on a DVD somewhere. Things should be back in order this weekend.

So I was prompted to poke around Wikipedia on the subject of Guitar Hero today. I've known about Guitar Hero: IV for some time now, but was a bit skeptical toward it after the sour turn GH3 took on the series (I appreciate the large track list, but I was very dissatisfied by that which the list was populated with). My outlook on GH4 has taken a turn for the better. It seems like Guitar Hero IV would be better named Guitar Hero: Let's Copy Rock Band But Improve Upon It, which is good news, because Rock Band is a fun idea...it's just executed a little poorly, as I have stated in the past.

I was reading some confirmed bands, shrugging to myself with an "eh..." at each one, until I stumbled across the footnote that GameInformer suggests GH4 might see something from Dream Theater.


I can't even begin to count the number of times I've said "Rock Band needs to have some Dream Theater in it" (among other, more niche bands to my liking), and here that opportunity may be brought to light.

What's more, and almost promises to be a guaranteed hit with picky music connoisseurs like myself is the song creation editor. The composers among us will have the tools to create music for GH4 and distribute these songs freely to other gamers online.

I happen to have a composer for a friend, including the sheet music of upwards of two hours worth of fun, heavy music he's authored, including the Starfox metal debut track "Cover You" and instrumental cousin "G-Diffusion", so I just know this game is going to be a fucking blast (read: enormous timesink that will cost me my university degree if I am not careful) so long as the editor is not as gimped as Brawl's level editor, which does not seem to be the case.

Add that to the company I'm going to be sharing the house with and we have ourselves a regular group activity. I hope either Lo or Sulara know how to sing...

This is going to fucking rock, Mr. Enis.

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