01/08/10 by Garvar at 3:31pm EST


Though this code was the base for the engine used for my weblog, going back to this non-automated server-end stuff is just...blah. So I doubt I'll be posting here much, you can check the link above for a more active account of what is going on with me.

So this post must obviously have a reason - earlier today, I was met with the good fortune of finding both an N64 and a copy of Starfox 64 at a second-hand shop, so I now own a physical copy of my beloved SF64. Beyond that, it got me thinking - well, a combination of that, and people pestering me, to pick up BRW again. I mean, I never properly ended it, and the ending is, in my opinion, the brilliance of the entire project. So, no promises or anything, but I've been planning to bring this back for a final run. Hopefully!


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